Floshow is an archive of shows by the best female-led live performance band of all time (IMO). If you can't make it to see her in person, or just want to watch a whole lot more shows than you can make it to, this site is for you. But by all means, don't use it as a substitute for the real thing: seeing a live show.
It's also meant to be a permanent archive: the site has copies of all shows currently on youtube, so if they disappear from there, they will be made available as torrents here. As you can see, there are many torrents available here that are nowhere else on the net.
This site was put together by an anonymous hacker who loves the music and especially live performances of FATM. I listen to music all day while working, and Florence's voice inspires me and makes me get more done. Being a bit older than the average FATM fan, with more family commitments, I can't make it to most live shows. So I mostly watch FATM shows on youtube, and when I realized shows would disappear from youtube, I decided to put this site up to share them with the world and to keep Florence's live shows on the internet forever. It turned out to be a nice chronological index of her amazing live artistry.
Note about torrents: if you download a torrent, please be nice and leave your torrent client running so you can share the file with others. This reduces the bandwidth demands on this server, which does cost money. Also, the file transfer can take a few minutes to start after you open the torrent. If it doesn't, you can use the contact page to report the issue. Be sure to disable any blocklists in your torrent client, as the Floshow torrent servers have been known to be in them. BTW, if you've never downloaded a torrent file before, I recommend Transmission.
Note on show quality: this site attempts to archive only the highest quality pro shot videos or fairly high-quality audience recorded video. If you are unhappy with the quality of any of the shows indexed here, let me know and I will remove it if enough others complain about it.
TOR users: you can also access this site at floshowyibabn25g6ckr7zr3fucn3lde3eawxoqrngbwq2zxx53g5lid.onion (but do not run your torrent client over TOR)
If you have any suggestions for improvement, have any shows not indexed here, or are willing to contribute your time or resources, or just want to say thanks or complain about something, please use the "contact" page!
Flo- if you are reading this, then use the contact page to let me know your thoughts, or how I can improve. I will do anything for the goddess of song!
10thFloorClown - for finding and sending lots of missing shows, and especially for filming the most amazing Big God video I have ever seen (Mohegan Sun Arena, 2018-10-13)